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Nueva Providencia

esta-1024x653This past week I had the incredible privilege of visiting Instituto Bíblico Reformado Nueva Providencia in the mountains outside of Medellin, Colombia.  My friend, Pastor

Pastor Hector Romero Director

Pastor Hector Romero

Javier Muñoz, was teaching a week-long class there on Missions and the Sovereignty of God.  Nueva Providencia is a wonderful school that is training young men for a year to go out into the world and help pastors plant new churches.  The students live and learn together for a year.  Some may go on for further training and ordination to become pastors.  Most will go out into the world as very well trained helpers and leaders in the church.  Most of the students are from either Baptist or Presbyterian Reformed backgrounds and have a deep passion to grow in Christ and in service to the church.


Javier teaching with me on the sidelines.

The training for the week was pretty intense.  Javier taught basically 6 classes per day with each one hour section ending in prayer.  This teaching was on top of the regular devotions and chapel services that are part of their schedule.  On Sundays the students attend churches in Medellin or the surrounding area.  I learned a lot from sitting in on Javier’s classes.  He is a wonderful teacher.  We had students from various parts of Colombia (Cartagena, Santa Marta, Bogotá, Cali, Medellin…), Venezuela and Bolivia.  Between sessions the students had a ton of questions for Javier (and a few for me).  My role for the week was more one of observation, but I learned a lot and was blessed with a great time with Javier and the people there.  Director Pastor Hector Romero and Javier have asked me to teach there next year.  In the meantime I need to submit to them a list of courses that I would be interested in teaching.  They have used pastors from the US to teach using a translator, but I plan on teaching the classes in Spanish.  I have a lot of time to prepare.

The Lord is at work in Colombia and I am so thankful to be getting a broader view of His work here.  So many people are hungry for the Word of God.  They love Jesus and you can’t ask for more than that.  My role here seems to be growing.  But really, my main role seems to be to just help in what the Lord is already doing throughout Colombia and the rest of Latin America.

I would encourage you to visit their website to learn more about the history and the work there.  I am including more pictures below.

IMG_1226Nueva Providencia 2IMG_1224IMG_1232IMG_1231


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