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Bogotá here we come…

thumb.phpWell, the end is in sight.  Becky and I have set a date for moving to Bogotá, Colombia to begin the work that the Lord has called us to do: helping the Colombian churches plant new congregations (Colombia Video).  Our mission agency, Mission to the World, has been absolutely wonderful in helping us to move forward.  The plan is for us to fly to Bogotá on October 14th.  That is less than three months away.  Also, we have been given the opportunity to attend the Area Retreat for Latin America and Africa the week before in the Domican Republic.  This retreat is only held every four years, so we feel privileged to be able to attend.  We will be flying out of Richmond, VA on October 6th.
There is still so much3691554956_18e59f2a03_z to do in the meantime.  Shots, visas, packing, selling cars, putting things into storage…  Over the last couple of weeks we have really been challenged as we have gotten rid of so much of the stuff that we have accumulated over the last 61 years of our lives.  Actually, this process began a few years ago when we left Richmond to move to Charlotte.  Now, all of our earthly possessions fit into one storage unit.  It is amazing what we do not need.

The biggest thing that we are working on at this time is raising support.  We still need about $3,000 per month in pledges.  This is a lot to raise, but the Lord has been good to us; and our friends, family and churches have been gracious and generous.  We are so thankful.  Do pray for us as we push forward over the next three months.  If you are interested in helping, just check on the ‘How You Can Support Us’ on the right side of this page.  We would appreciate anything you can do.

2697541624_4f7a7586c0_zIn August our first grandchild is due.  We will be spending most of the month in Charlotte, NC so that we can be there for our daughter, Noelle, when the baby comes.  We actually plan on staying in Charlotte until the third week of September.  This is exciting to say the least; however, it will make leaving for three years (or more) even tougher.


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  1. Marco

    Great news! I pray that God continue to bless you and Becky. Diana spent three weeks in Bogota last June. She visited her mom there. Also, please say hi to Joe & Becky Harrell. They are good friens working with WTW. Did you receive my last prayer letter?


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